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Nielsen Brings Its Digital Ad Ratings Solution to China

Today, we announced the launch of our Digital Ad Ratings solution in China. We’re excited to introduce one of the world’s largest markets to our industry-standard digital advertising measurement in collaboration with Tencent, China’s largest and most-used Internet service portal with more then 800-million active user accounts. Through this collaboration, we’ll provide advertisers, publishers and agencies in China with a complete view of their campaigns’ digital audience across computers, tablets and smartphones by leveraging aggregated, anonymous data from Tencent’s hundreds of millions of users through a high-quality, nationally representative Nielsen survey of 46,000 Chinese consumers.

So why is this such a big deal? “Given the explosive growth of online and mobile usage and Chinese consumers’ changing media habits, we believe the introduction of a robust, independent measurement standard for digital campaigns is essential to unlocking additional digital ad growth in China,” explained Yan Xuan, President of Greater China, Nielsen.

And our clients agree! Anthony Ho of Mondelez International noted, “This is a really big milestone, it’s something that we’ve been waiting for. We all need these as advertisers. It will make our advertising much more efficient. I think it will actually change completely the way we talk with our consumers, the way we deal with data and also just the way we target our advertising.”

The news was revealed today in Beijing at a Nielsen event attended by around 200 clients from a variety of industries, media agencies and publishers, as well as about 30 leading business and trade media outlets from across the country.

Following an opening speech by Yan Xuan, senior executives from both companies delivered a keynote speech. Megan Clarken, EVP, Global Product Leadership, Nielsen, and SY Lau, Senior Executive Vice President of Tencent and President of its Online Media Group, spoke about the far-reaching impact of the Digital Ad Ratings to China’s digital market from global and Chinese perspectives.

Chen Yong, Secretary General of the Interactive Internet Advertising Committee of China, also spoke at the launching ceremony, a big endorsement from the government on launching the solution in China. “Today’s collaboration between Nielsen and Tencent will help further promote the future growth of China’s Internet advertising market. I want to take this opportunity to call upon a full participation in the whole industry for the development of Chinese Internet Advertising industry. We look forward to more new products that are suited best to the Chinese market, so as to help shape a new landscape for China’s Internet Advertising market,” said Chen Yong.

Meanwhile, Nielsen’s China Vice President Steven Li, shared the fresh-and-hot findings from a Digital Ad Ratings pilot in China covering more than 10 brands. Finally, a panel discussion with Nielsen’s Digital Ad Ratings stakeholders, as well as advertisers, publishers and media agencies, shared their views on the solution, the main challenges they currently face when investing online and how the tool will help them better reach and engage with their key audiences.

China marks the ninth market for Digital Ad Ratings measurement, and Nielsen will expand the solution’s global footprint in six more markets later this year.