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Expanding Digital Ad Ratings to Hong Kong

In Hong Kong’s heavily mobile market, it’s imperative that measurement reflects market needs by providing unduplicated reach across computers and mobile devices. With this in mind, we recently launched Digital Ad Ratings in Hong Kong in collaboration with Facebook, further expanding the solution’s global footprint and setting the industry standard for digital campaign measurement.

With Nielsen Digital Ad Ratings, marketers will be able to better plan and measure their digital audiences with like-for-like reach and frequency metrics across screens to get a deeper understanding of the connection between online and mobile separately and together.

Digital Ad Ratings, powered by aggregated, anonymous information from the world’s largest third-party demographic databases and Nielsen’s industry-leading calibration sources, provides demographics, unique audience, reach, frequency and gross rating points (GRPs) for a campaign’s total digital audience across computers, tablets and smartphones in a way comparable to TV.

The solution will bring accountability and comparability for Hong Kong’s brand marketers, advertising agencies, platforms and publishers who have been seeking measurement to better understand the total audience of their digital campaigns across devices so they can maximize their advertising reach across digital platforms.

“Nielsen has long been a trusted measurement party in the industry. With Digital Ad Ratings, Nielsen has developed the measurement solution based on people, not cookies. It also provides cross-device measurement, which is much desired by the market and by our clients,” said Bryan Wang, Head of Marketing Science, Facebook, Greater China.

We first launched Digital Ad Ratings in the U.S. in August 2011, and the solution is now widely available in 29 markets. In May 2015, we teamed up with Tencent and Sina Weibo to launch Digital Ad Ratings in the Chinese mainland. Powered by the largest user databases and the highest quality panel, Digital Ad Ratings is setting a new industry standard for digital audience measurement in the Chinese mainland market.

“We are so glad Nielsen has expanded its Digital Ad Ratings to Hong Kong because until now, Hong Kong marketers have had no means to measure whether the advertising was effectively delivered to the audiences they seek. By combining massive, privacy-friendly third party demographic databases with gold-standard calibration, Nielsen will provide an unmatched view of standardized audience demographics and behavioral preferences,” said Angel Young, Managing Director of Nielsen Hong Kong & Macau.

“Digital Ad Ratings is just a start. Our goal is to provide both program and commercial ratings across all screens, covering in-and outside-of-home,” said Young. “Nielsen’s Total Ad Ratings offering is unique in three different ways: massive panel size through unique big data source, one single source panel and it is ready to launch.”

Photo: Nielsen, Facebook and advertising industry leaders at a Digital Ad Ratings launch event in Hong Kong.