In order to achieve breakthrough innovation success, you need to know which aspects of your product work and which don’t, before you launch. Through a consultative approach, we can help you determine how to capitalize on features that are outstanding and fix those that aren’t.


For decades, we have served as a respected advisor to many of the world’s best consumer-facing firms; and if there is one overarching lesson in this work, it is that successful innovation defies quick fixes, simple solutions or formulaic reduction.

Not all consumers who reveal their purchase intent actually go on to purchase your new product. We can help you answer questions about your likely volume and profit potential for your new initiative and provide advice to maximize the return on your innovation investment.


Nielsen is unmatched in our ability to produce reliable sales estimates and insight on the drivers of sales. Over the past 30 years, we have created a global database of norms that can calibrate stated purchase intent into actual sales forecasts.

Beyond just introductory year gross sales, we also have strong capabilities in estimating incremental gains, forecasting sales through an initiative’s second year in the market, and identifying insights that help to optimize overall potential.

Our sophisticated modelling techniques measure new product purchase intent, purchase value and frequency to maximize incremental growth while minimizing portfolio cannibalization.

We can also help you identify the correct pricing for your product launches. Our research will help you maximize purchase volume and margin, considering price elasticity across products within your category.