Shopper Loyalty

Today’s consumers are savvy, diverse and ever-changing. We know that gaining an understanding of their behavior inside your store, as well as outside, is critical. But it’s no easy task. Our loyalty solution provides you with the most comprehensive view of your shoppers’ behavior, helping you develop the best consumer-centric approach to your marketing and merchandising.

What we measure

Loyalty marketing is an outstanding opportunity for retailers to keep consumers coming back to their stores, create real affinity for a retailer’s banner, and capture the largest possible share of their market while maximizing the return on their marketing investments. Nielsen helps clients to gain innovative, actionable, high-value consumer insights from retailers’ shopper loyalty information.

We capture retailer shopper card data and combine it with our ‘rest of market’ data, to provide rich and granular data sets to help you create personalized shopper marketing campaigns, improve shoppers’ experience, and drive sales growth. Insights provided will enable retailers and their key manufacturer partners to work with the data generated by retailer loyalty programs to better understand consumers’ shopping behavior and preferences, develop targeted, loyalty-building marketing and merchandising programs and track their impact on shoppers over time. 

How we do it

The solution builds on more than 90 years of broad experience and expertise of Nielsen in areas such as consumer segmentation and targeting, consumer panels, and customized research, while adding new capabilities focused on the unique opportunity presented by loyalty information.

We combine our information, leading-edge technology and advanced analytical capabilities to help retailers find powerful new consumer insights in their loyalty data and use those insights to accelerate their growth.  It also will give manufacturers new insights into category and brand performance, and help them work closely with retailers on effective category management programs.

Our solution combines the retailer-specific transaction data generated by loyalty programs, with the complete view of the marketplace generated by our existing consumer research services. This market leading insight provides both an inside and outside view of shoppers, delivering unrivalled insights, so you gain an understanding of what is happening within your stores, as well as the outside behaviors, attitudes, and activities influencing your shoppers, bringing it all together like never before.