Who is my Most Valuable Consumer?

That’s what every business needs to know, and, while there are plenty of potential customers, it seems they all want something different. From 30,000 feet, it’s tough to see the difference between “movers and shakers” and “fast track families” or “football-watching beer aficionados” and “casual, sweet palate drinkers.” And from way up there, it’s even harder to figure out what makes them do what they do, buy what they buy, and watch what they watch. Sometimes your best view is from the ground.

That’s where our segmentation solutions come in.

We analyze billions of data points from a host of sources, and from that, we can help show you consumers as they really are: unique segments instead of opaque lines on a spreadsheet or points on a map. We create custom segments to reach consumers that live between, or across, demographic segments—we might not have ready-made data on motorcycle moms from Georgia who jet ski, but if that’s who you need to reach, we’ll find the best way.

You can put this information into action regardless of your industry. For example, will your store be more successful in the nearby shopping mall or would you be better off setting up shop across town? Who is your competition for the people you care about most? Where are the gaps in your market? To what type of advertising do consumers react best?

Our segmentation solutions answer these questions in as much detail as you desire. We can give you aggregated and customized demographic data to understand geography based on region, state, zip, neighborhood, block-by-block and any level in between.

We can even help find consumer needs that haven’t yet been articulated, giving you insight into how to shape your product offerings to rapidly evolving desires.

Once we’ve created a plan together, we’ll give you the tools to measure its effectiveness. Consumers are evolving at light speed, but by analyzing the success of your marketing in real time, we can make in-flight adjustments that can save millions in ad dollars from mismatched campaigns.

We understand that consumer focus is critical to everyone’s success; let’s work together to put big numbers on your bottom line.

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How We Do It

Bring your consumers to life and supercharge your marketing potential.

Hone in on your most valuable consumers.

Understand global consumer sentiment and stay connected with evolving consumer priorities.


Data from more than 60 million households provides a comprehensive, single-source view of the impact your advertising is having on sales.


Raise your marketing efficiency by identifying, understanding, and locating your best consumers where they live and shop.

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