Retailer Insights Day

Retail trends and innovations, supplier discussions, perishables, e-commerce and Nielsen’s SmartStore were the main topics at this year’s Retailer Insights Day in Frankfurt, Germany, an event with exclusive top-class retail clients. The opening was done by Fred Hogen, Director Retailer Services Germany, talking about our strategy 2019 and our visions for the future.  

Andrea Kaiser, Senior Analytic Consultant, Ulrike Brückner-Christoph, ​Manager Analytic Consulting and Thomas Montiel Castro, Commercial Lead CAS Shopper Europe began the event by explaining how to use Nielsen data even better to prepare supplier meetings and by providing a framework on which retailers can base their preparations for said meetings. Thomas inspired the audience by presenting Nielsen’s shopper missions, in other words, how German consumers go shopping and how retailers could use this information to optimize category positioning. Trigger categories play a key role – those who bring trips into their stores.

During an extensive lunch and networking session, clients had the chance to test and see Nielsen’s latest innovations such as the new virtual reality solution: the Nielsen SmartStore. Immersing themselves in a virtual shop environment and see through the eyes of their consumers opens up new perspectives. Özlem Yilmaz-Daniel, Senior Sales Consultant Consumer, Media & Shopper Insights and Rainer Bumm, Senior Sales Consultant were on hand to offer professional advice and assistance. Apart from that, Alexander Proske, Director Consumer & Shopper, shared some valuable insights with reference to Nielsen’s CPS web i-sights which is a web based self-serve tool which enables ordinary users to easily access insights from core consumer and shopper tracking metrics.

Sandra Bräunlein-Reuss, Senior Manager Consumer, Media & Shopper Insights entered the stage after the lunch break to answer the question: Why does online shopping for food and near-food products not seem to get going in Germany? The British do it, the French and the South Koreans very often. Contrary to other online trends – ranging from online videos and social media to smartphones – Germans do not seem to want to get involved. Is this really only due to the high store density and the lack of “look and feel” when buying online? The participants could look forward to exciting insights from current Nielsen reports on the trend topic of online shopping for food and drugstore products.

As we have just learnt, Germans still love to shop “offline”, especially perishables such as fresh pastries, seafood, fruits, vegetables, eggs, fresh meat/sausages, cheese and fresh delicatessen/gourmet food. Perishables account for 20 percent of total food sales and generate revenues of 25 bn EUR per year. According to Ulrike Brückner-Christoph, ​Manager Analytic Consulting and Stefan Eckert, Sales Manager, top ranges, but a thin data basis are often characteristics of this category. Both experts revealed many insights on how to be able to quantify current trends and top segments in the fresh food sector at an early stage and act faster and more efficiently than competitors.

Christina Braun, Analytic Consultant and Anke Kremer, Senior Analytic Consultant came last with their exciting lecture on trends and innovations. They did not only speak about the triggers for making a purchase such as sugar-free, organic or low-fat, but also about the developments of organic food, protein, veggie and superfoods over the last three years. Presenting “newcomers” like dent powder/dent salt or hair soap was one of the unexpected highlights of their speech.

After “very diverse, rich lectures” – as one of our clients phrased it -, Sabine Dziallas, Sales Manager Retail and moderator today, sent off our clients who went back to business, loaded with new insights and advice, ready to put them into practice.