Superfoods as part of a healthy lifestyle

Superfoods as part of a healthy lifestyle

A natural part of the healthy lifestyle movement is the appearance of different buzzwords which are being hyped and topics that consumers find relevant. Superfoods are a part of this movement. A broad search on the internet does not give a well proven definition of Superfoods. However, the overall agreement is that Superfoods generally are healthier than other foods. Furthermore, Superfoods are rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants which have also been described by Nielsen.

A wide range of products are labelled Superfoods. The most common items are blueberries, quinoa, kale, chia and goji berries. A newcomer which is accelerating in the Danish grocery market is hemp seeds which are highly nutritious and contain proteins and healthy fats.


…within the Danish grocery market are growing overall. Blueberries have the biggest sales with 214 million DKK and with a growth rate of 6.7% MAT W5217* where kale is growing with 34.8%. Thus the fresh food element is important.

Quinoa, which is in staple food, is the second largest product with 28.5 million DKK in sales and a growth rate of 26.2%. Not all Superfoods are growing as Chia according to Nielsen ScanTrack is declining -7.5%.

Superfoods are increasingly appearing as ingredients in a wide array of products. Even though chia sold individually is declining, products where chia is an ingredient are increasing. Food where chia is an ingredient has a value of 93 million DKK MAT W5217* and has a growth rate of 36.7%. Chia is included in a wide array of categories like breakfast cereals and bread and also in energy bars. Acai is usually mentioned as part of the Superfoods, however the individual sales are quite low. Acai included in other food is declining -36%.

* Moving annual total as per week 52 2017.