January – Time to be healthy?

January – Time to be healthy?

Here we go again…. We have just entered January. The gyms are luring people with subscriptions and many people are planning to go on a diet and in general people are getting more conscious about what they are eating. Research from Nielsen shows that American consumers are increasingly focused on clean label products (products being sold as clean, sustainable and free from artificial ingredients). Especially the Millennials and Generation X are showing the highest demand within this segment. And it will become even more evident when the next generation (Generation Z) really enter the market.


…within the Danish grocery market are increasing across categories. Organic is not a niche anymore. Capital area is still buying relatively more organic products than the rest of the regions – but we do experience a growth across all regions. Organic has increased 11% in the latest year. Organic is especially important for the next generation. 26% of the Millennials wish that there were more organic products on the retailers’ shelves.

Vegetarian is still a niche – but the sales of vegetarian products have increased 22% in the latest year. Millennials are pulling for these products. 28% agree that they are looking for groceries that are an alternative to meat as a source of protein. This is a contrast to the Boomers where only 13% are looking for other sources of protein.

Danish Millennials are ready to reward manufactures that are open about how and where their products are being produced. More than 2/3 of the Millennials (68.7%) agree that they have a more positive attitude towards these manufacturers. So there is a good chance that this might result in increased sales.

Are you ready to fulfill the demands of the next generation?