Upcoming Webinars and Events


Webinar: The Future of FMCG E-commerce

Presenter:Kieran Duke, Director of Data Science Client Lead & Charmi Agrawal, Lead Data Scientist, Nielsen Global MarketsΩ
9am (Mexico City/Bogota)
10am (Ontario)
11am (Sao Paulo/Santiago)
3pm (London/Lagos)
4pm (Cairo/Johannesburg/Prague/Rome)
5pm (Moscow/Istanbul/Nairobi/Riyadh)
6pm (Dubai)
7pm (Karachi)
The e-commerce opportunity in FMCG has been a discussion point for many years and has been slower than many expected in some markets while grown more in others. Understanding the enabling pillars and barriers that has seen the e-commerce component either stall or grow can help organizations time...

Webinar: The Quest for Convenience

Presenter:Ailsa Wingfield, Executive Director, Thoughts Leadership, Nielsen Global Markets
1pm (London / Lagos)
2pm (Cairo/Johannesburg/Prague/Rome)
3pm (Moscow/Istanbul/Nairobi/Riyadh)
4pm (Dubai)
5pm (Karachi)
With finite time and infinite change, consumers' expectations don't stand still. Consumers' circumstances and priorities are continually changing with shifts to urban centres, commuter congestion, evolving roles and the impact of technology. Consumers are looking to rebalance their more complex and...