Linkontro Nielsen 2013 – The Power of the Consumer

Linkontro Nielsen 2013 – The Power of the Consumer

Choice is a significant contributor to the growing fragmentation in the media market, as well as an unprecedented availability of consumer data. Consumers now have myriad platform, device, viewing occasion and product choices, and they’ve baked most of these choices into their everyday lives. This proliferation of choice, however, has created a spider-webbing of options for marketers to keep track of. A Marketer’s role has now shifted from “communicator” to “consumer scientist”.

Here, Steve Hasker, President of Global Product Leadership at Nielsen, presents “The Power of the Consumer” at Linkontro Nielsen 2013 in Italy. Watch out for the four key forces which will intensify going forward:

  1. Doing business in a tight economy is the new “business as usual.”
  2. Consumer diversification is increasing, which means that today’s consumer base looks different from yesterday’s.
  3. Media consumption is highly fragmented across devices, platforms, times and products.
  4. Big data is everywhere.