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The Nielsen Advertising Intelligence Data Centre is located in Newcastle with a smaller team in Bracknell, Berkshire. The team sits under Media Operations. 

Using bespoke software which is created and developed in-house, monitors in both departments process the adverts; assigning brand and then database media-specific metadata such as slogan/headline, description, advert type, styles and version data before adding it to the database.


The Media Operations team monitors advertising from multiple media – Press (newspapers and magazines), Broadcast (TV, Radio), Digital (Internet, Social Media, Digital Video, Email, Cinema, Outdoor), Direct Mail and Web and Press Finance offers.


Quality checks are made across all teams to ensure consistency and quality of the data before being released to our own, specially developed platforms ready to be accessed by our clients and company analysts.  Our analysts use this data to advise clients on ROI (Return On Investment), competitor media spend, post media campaign buying assessment, appointments of media agencies, to name but a few of our wide range of services



  • This data-entry role is for the identification, monitoring and coding of advertising from a range of media, using bespoke monitoring software.

  • Monitoring adverts across Television, Radio and Digital platforms identifying and cataloguing key details for clients to improve media campaigns and monitor competitor activity.

  • Identifying relevant advertising from a variety of media, including Television, Radio and  Digital. 

  • Working as part of a team to ensure all departmental deadlines are met.

  • Work to reach and exceed agreed targets for both productivity and quality to enable the team to meet all SLA agreements. 

  • Providing cover within the departments or other areas of the business as required.

  • Liaise with other departments within the company to ensure quality and consistency is maintained.

  • Make proper use of company systems.




  • Previously worked to targets/service levels, ideally with an office environment

  • Used a range of Google suite packages, ideally within an office environment

  • High focus on attention to detail

  • Delivery focused

  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills

  • Excellent data entry skills

  • Good basic numeracy skills

  • Good understanding of the Google suite

  • Flexibility

  • Fluent in English 

  • Demonstrate both strong results focus and sensitive people skills

  • Professional and informal