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We are presently looking for a Process Automation Engineer to help with improving the quality, productivity, speed, and cost for operational areas. The RPA developer is responsible for designing, developing, testing the automation workflows and supporting the implementation of the Robotic Process Automation solution. The Developer will work side by side with the Business leads for documenting process details and assists the engagement team in implementation,  testing the solution, and including maintenance.



  • Development and testing execution of the automation solution. Providing test plans and results while receiving stakeholder sign-off.
  • Follow and aid in identifying improvements to the established end to end Robotic Process Automation process.
  • Create and execute plans to replace manual, repetitive processes through process automation.
  • Ability to leverage basic workflow design skills to capture current and proposed automation processes. Including process mapping, retry and loop mechanisms, and decision trees.
  • Advanced understanding of Document Object Model, familiarity with HTML tags, JavaScript and PHP awareness and ability to write JavaScript code when necessary
  • Understanding types of variables, arrays, dictionaries. Ability to perform operations on datasets
  • Advanced knowledge of string operations, fluency in using regular expressions (regex)
  • Advanced knowledge of SQL, understanding relational database structures
  • Basic knowledge of debugging methods, understanding testing concepts like equivalence classes and boundary testing 


  • Formal training and certification in UI Path or equivalent solution 
  • 1-2 years of  experience in project management preferred
  • Knowledge and development experience in Python and/or Machine Learning preferred
  • Strong communication skills—able to explain complex topics to both technical and non-technical audiences 
  • Enthusiasm to impact business decisions through data-driven insights
  • Experience in operational areas, content management and process workflow.
  • Ability to influence without direct control of resources