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Client Service & Sales

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Job Description

Nielsen Client Delivery is a modern service team transforming the way we serve our clients with new and updated tools to help our teams get the job done quickly and easily. We are the team that partners with clients to fuse data, science, and the talents of our people to provide measurement and improvement for the clients and markets we serve. We are the key link between Nielsen and clients. Our service and delivery is the reason clients will continue to invest in our products and service.

This role is responsible for supporting and coordinating individuals and teams that execute against specific activities related to client response/analytics. Identifying and implementing ongoing improvements in efficiency and effectiveness in the way we service our clients.


  • Team coordination

  • Support the team members to be trained to handle client requirements

  • Establish high standards of performance, provide support, recognition and feedback to develop associates and support a strong team environment 

  • Ensure the services provided to clients are timely and precise according to client business needs and specifications while meeting the company's quality standards

  • Contribute to the development and implementation of training plans to ensure that our associates are able to grow and demonstrate mastery of required competencies in their jobs 

  • Consult with clients regarding general concerns

  • Conduct external presentations

  • Supervise all stages of project management and monitor performance

  • Drive client satisfaction by providing insights and actionable recommendations during client discussions

  • Responsible for meeting the service objectives and ongoing delivery of KPIs

  • Supporting task allocation based on the current team workload capacity and the skills and aspirations of the team

Required Skills

  • Experience in customer success, customer service, post-sales team, or project management role

  • Ability to work across various technology platforms e.g. Salesforce

  • Proven track record of successfully driving growth with customers

  • FMCG experience

  • Strong Business Hungarian and English knowledge, both verbal and written 

  • Strong communication skills 

  • Experience working in a digitally enabled environment

  • Ability to work within a virtual environment

  • Demonstrated strong leadership and people management skills

  • Strong business and financial acumen

  • Understanding of growth and brand strategy

  • Strong Project management skills

  • University degree or equivalent experience

  • 5+ years of professional work experience

  • Experience managing people

  • Global exposure and engagement                                                                                                                                                                                                          #LI-YY1