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Entry Level


Job Description

Data Acquisition Support Specialist, Stockholm


Data Acquisition Support Specialist is in charge of handling all team activities regarding the day-to-day work of the data acquisition team.

She or he will facilitate contact between the Data Acquisition department and external vendors and other internal teams.


  •  Working closely with the local and global IT teams to ensure that all the team`s drives are up and running as expected and are updated accordingly and conducting any tests as required by the IT teams.
  • Validation of stores for the big projects and making sure that delivery of conducted studies is carried out in the right manner and on time.
  • Preparing worksheets and forms for all manual studies and sending them out to Auditors within the given timeline.
  • Checking and confirming that all the expected stores have submitted data at the end of each and every study and even reporting the missing stores to group leaders and teams.
  • Dispatching manual tobacco forms to Tallinn team at the end of each trip. Prepare a Tobacco Audit before each trip.
  • Uploading various files e.g stores, store assignments, and products on various systems.
  •  Providing KPIs for all the projects conducted according to the set deadlines.
  • Supporting  Operations Leader and Data Acquisition Manager with questions pertaining to data acquisition projects.
  • Supporting teams in any questions related to causal and Tobacco auditing.
  • Providing Auditors with necessary working office materials.
  • Procurement of office materials.


You’re a well-organized person who feels comfortable with handling different activities at the same time. You like working with people and helping them in getting their job done. 


  • Previous experience in administrative work
  • Fluency in English & Swedish
  • Ability to operate effectively with high energy and flexibility in a fast-paced, constantly evolving team environment 
  • Result oriented with attitude for continuous process improvements   
  • Attention to details
  • Strong organizational skills

Please be informed that it’s a substitute contract until July 2023.