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Hub Digital Coordinator


The context


The Digital coordinator will be the point of contact between the hubs and the broader digital organization. This role will support the local teams through training and processes optimization, while coordinating with the international stakeholders on business priorities.

Main responsibilities



  • Coordinate business needs & priorities with international stakeholders
  • Translate needs into reliable and repetitive processes for the broader hub team 
  • Document & optimize processes
  • Align across regions
  • Train teams as needed
  • Driving resolution for incidents. Taking ownership over some processes and documentation and involve working across all of the forms of digital
  • Be the go to person for any quality related issue
  • Identify automation opportunities

Required skills and experience



  • BA/BS degree or equivalent experience
  • 2+ years experience in process implementation and optimization
  • Have a keen eye for detail and pattern recognition
  • Be able to consume and work with a large amount of information
  • Possess sound reasoning skills
  • Have the capacity to deal with multiple stakeholders effectively across multiple time zones
  • Good English communication skills, both verbal and written and any other EU language is a plus
  • Have a strong understanding of data manipulation and visualization in Excel & google Sheets
  • Understanding of digital tagging technologies is an advantage, being able to organize, train and manage a team across different products and tasks