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Role Purpose

The role is for the Ad Intel production Specialist Operator. Ad Intel is the team in charge of collecting and estimating the Italian Advertising by monitoring and classifying all the Media Types above the line.


Ad Intel production Specialist Operator is in charge of the correct tracking of the products to be inserted in the AdEx Database. He/she also contributes to the process of digital media upload.


Main Responsibilities:


  • AdEx Production
  • Correct collection of the products following specific guidelines
  • Tracking Rules collection Update on input of the Log Based Media Manager


Quality Control:


  • Responsible for the daily quality checks of the media the Operator is in charged of
  • Responsible for the final monthly check (before the monthly production)
  • Responsible for the correct data upload for the next tracking
  • Upload data/archive management
  • Ensuring the correct data attribution to the adv campaigns


Key Stakeholders


  • The role will refer to the Italian Log Based Team Manager
  • Italian Media Ops Director




  • Experience in advertisement tracking
  • Customer Focus
  • Results Oriented
  • Knowledge in Productive Processed
  • English is optional but appreciated