Brand Building

In today’s increasingly competitive marketplace, consumers are spoiled for choice when it comes to brands. Never before has there been such a diversity and range of brands.

Building and sustaining brand equity today is further complicated by the plethora of touch points available to the consumer. Digital media proliferation has ensured that brands are being talked about everyday among peers and friends. The advent of private labels and retailer promotions has also altered consumer perceptions of brands.

What We Measure

Brand health assessment techniques need to provide a holistic and multi-faceted assessment of a brand. A deeper understanding of customer experience, awareness of brand buzz and glimpses into the consumer attitudes must compliment traditional loyalty metrics.

How We Do It

By tapping into our vast range of brand metrics, we uncover new areas for exploration by providing insight into consumers’ underlying passions, preferences, behaviors and expectations of brands. We’ll help you understand your brand’s health and the customer experiences that have the most profound effect on consumer decisions.