What We Measure

In a world of mass production, mass exposure and mass messaging, the most successful businesses cut through by finding and relating to their best consumers.

We go beyond basic demographic settings to help you understand who your most valuable consumers are, as well as where and how to find them. By identifying shoppers with precision, you can examine the lifestyle and life stage of your key consumers to find out where they live, shop and socialise, as well as what they buy today. In turn, this valuable information can help you develop focused and efficient marketing strategies.

How We Do It

We integrate insights from our consumers, as well as from sales information, media consumption and attitudinal data, to help you match products with shoppers and stores to maximise your potential, without the gamble. In other words, get the right products and messages to these groups at the right time and place.

Retailers can use this information to:

  • Optimise stores to better serve the kinds of shoppers frequenting them.
  • Find the categories and brands that have the highest demand among store shoppers.
  • Determine how to group stores based on shopper demographics and preferences.
  • Figure out what shoppers purchase at other stores across different channels.

Brands can benefit from demographic segmentation by:

  • Learning where they are likely to find their most valuable consumer groups.
  • Identifying stores that have the potential to sell more product volume.
  • Working out the top areas for sampling.
  • Determining the top stores for in-store activities, demonstrations and promotions.