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Silos Are Over

Consumers today split their attention between TV and digital, increasingly consuming media via their computers, tablets and phones.  While advertisers have been quick to deliver messages across multiple platforms, the ability to accurately determine return on investment for cross-platform campaigns has remained elusive – until now.

Nielsen Cross-Platform Campaign Ratings provides the first-ever complete picture of campaign performance. Discover how it works and what this means for improving your multi-platform performance.

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Opinion: James Oates, MD of Media UK

The Best TV-Online Media Mix?

With audiences increasingly dividing their attention between TV and online, advertisers have sometimes struggled to find the right media mix for their cross-platform ad campaigns.  The launch of Nielsen Cross-Platform Campaign Ratings in the UK, though, is allowing brands to take the guesswork out of the equation.

Nielsen Cross-Platform Campaign Ratings helps brands maximise the effectiveness of their cross-platform ad budgets.  It takes the commercial exposures from an advertiser’s TV ads and online ads, and reports on the combined audience for the campaign. This shows advertisers, agencies and publishers just how many people, by age and gender, are seeing their ad across TV and online – either combined or separately across each platform. Double counting is removed.

By showing the relative cost effectiveness of the separate TV and online parts of the campaign, brands can now accurately determine the best media mix of online and TV – whether the goal is optimal efficiency or maximum incremental cover.

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“Nielsen Cross-Platform Campaign Ratings is a game-changing innovation and a natural progression from its Nielsen Online Campaign Ratings system, which is already achieving good results for our clients. The new system takes a critical next step and measures any crossover between online TV and linear TV audiences so that media buyers can refine their budgets and ensure they are being put to the most effective use.”

Brian Fitzpatrick, Europe managing director

Press Release

UK Trials Begin for Nielsen Cross-Platform Campaign Ratings

Nielsen announces a major step forward for multi-platform advertising measurement in the UK, with the commencing of public beta trials for its Nielsen Cross-Platform Campaign Ratings service.

Nielsen Cross-Platform Campaign Ratings takes the commercial exposures from an advertiser’s TV ads and its online ads, and, for the first time, reports on the combined audience for the campaign.  This allows advertisers, agencies and publishers to answer fundamental questions previously unreachable in a scalable, replicable platform: How many people saw my ad? How many saw it on TV only? Online only? Across both online and TV?

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