Innovate for Growth

We all know how important innovation is to drive growth in consumer products companies. However, less than 0.5% of all new products launched achieve enduring breakthrough performance. How do you rise to the top?

Nielsen’s end-to-end innovation process helps you generate better outcomes by identifying profitable unmet opportunities, screening and optimizing concepts, accurately forecasting sales and launching successfully.

We bring you over 35 years of BASES heritage as the gold standard in forecasting and predicting in-market success, an extensive database of success norms based on 200,000 global tests and 2,000 validations and consistent methodology and harmonization across 68 markets. Through our acquisition of Affinnova, these benefits are now enhanced by industry-leading collaboration and optimization tools, and a modern, fast, all-digital platform– all to help you make smarter decisions.

How we do it:

  • Identify profitable unmet opportunities with The Cambridge Group.
  • Optimize initiatives, evaluate the likelihood of in-market success and forecast within 9 percent accuracy of year one sales with our industry leading BASES solutions.
  • Find the best concept and package design for your product by evaluating and testing countless options simultaneously with Concept Optimizer. Our optimized concepts perform 4.4x better.
  • Understand consumers’ subconscious to see how they respond to new product concepts and packaging with Consumer Neuroscience.
  • Ensure you’ve got the right products on shelf at the right price with Assortment & Shelf and Trade Promotions.

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How We Do It

Starting the development process means assessing a wealth of possibilities and forward paths. We can help steer you in the right direction.

Grow your business by understanding the current and potential demand of your most profitable consumers.


Our panels help you identify the “who” as well as the “why” and the “what” behind consumer purchases.


Data from more than 60 million households provides a comprehensive, single-source view of the impact your advertising is having on sales.


Raise your marketing efficiency by identifying, understanding, and locating your best consumers where they live and shop.

Find the right solution for your business