The Retail industry faces major challenges in Europe: an uncertain economy, new digital competition, and a new generation of customers who are highly informed and more demanding. Regardless of these shifts, the basics remain unchanged : Retailers who accurately anticipate their customers’ wants and needs – offering the right product, in the right place, at the right time, and for the right price – win.

Today, however, there is a vast new dimension to understanding the consumer : data. With every click, tap or touch; every swipe, search or share, consumer information is created. Compiling and storing terabytes of information on products, sales, prices, promotions, consumer is a challenge. Extracting the golden insights that will enable retailers to understand the current, latent and future behaviour of consumers in real time is quite another.

At Nielsen, we have proven experience in gathering, qualifying, improving and enriching data. Moreover, our retailer services models integrate data and deliver actionable results.


Category Management
Driving growth at category level by uncovering the consumer decision process and optimizing your assortment, price and promotion strategies

Supply Chain Efficiency
Reducing Out Of Stock through sales forecasting and identification of roots causes

Local Store Optimization
Optimizing commercial levers at store level and finding the best place to open new stores

Loyalty Program
Improving loyalty of your shoppers by enriching your loyalty data with market view and analytics

Shopper Intelligence
Adapting your stores to your shoppers by knowing everything on their purchase behaviour in-store

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How We Do It

Understand consumers’ subconscious to see how they respond to new product concepts and packaging.

Put the right products on the shelf in the right way to drive brand and category performance.

Product placement is everything in the retail world. Our merchandising solutions will help ensure that you’re managing your space and range to their full potential.

Which factors drive consumer purchase decisions? Our shopper data highlights what consumers are buying and why.

Bring your consumers to life and supercharge your marketing potential.

Hone in on your most valuable consumers.

Understanding retail spending is key to implementing effective consumer marketing solutions. 

Today’s consumers are savvy, diverse and ever-changing. We’ll help you keep them coming back for more.