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Upcoming Webinars and Events

Practical Category Management Workshop – Online

Luennoitsija:Christoph Michel (Independent Category Management and Sales Development consultant)
Paikka: Online - links and instructions will be shared beforehand
The PCM workshop lets you discover ways to foster stronger relationships with your trading partners while developing successful strategies and tactics to further enhance your business’ category performance.

Past Webinars and Events

Efficient Assortment Management Online Workshop

Luennoitsija:Chryssa Asmatzi (Category Management Business Consulting Leader for EE)
Paikka: Online - links and instructions will be shared beforehand
The EAM workshop would help you select the appropriate product assortment for your category and contribute to operational effectiveness and efficiency for your organization.

The Trifecta Effect: Winning Shopper’s Hearts, Minds and Wallets

Luennoitsija:Dolly Jitani, Global Shopper Leader, Nielsen
Paikka: Live webinar (conducted in English)
Join Sue Temple, Dolly Jitani and Simon Christofi, as they explore Shopper Trends in over 60 markets, highlighting key differences and important considerations to help better anticipate needs and win with Shoppers.

Webinar: How to finetune your FMCG price strategy

Luennoitsija:Petr Kriklan, Global Pricing Strategy Leader and Daniel Nowotny, Senior Advanced Analytic Consultant
One of the areas that can give you as a retailer a competitive advantage is intelligent fact based pricing. You should focus on two parts of your assortment across your categories among your best selling items - the so called Key Value Items (KVI’s). And you should know the price elasticities of...

Webinar: How to increase sales and profit through Space Management

Luennoitsija:Simon Trott, Assortment Space Optimization Leader Global Markets and Jens Kolbe Olsen, Senior Sales Consultant Assortment Space Optimization
Space management is one of the practices you can use to improve the efficiency of your stores and assortment.  In this webinar regarding Space Management we will focus on: How your shelf will drive profit and inventory turnover How to build your stores based on facts not feelings How you will...