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Technology & Engineering

#: 743999734552244 / PipelineChina03

Mid-Senior Level


Job Description


Work closely with BigData product managers to design and develop demos, guide and supervise both internal technical support teams and external technical suppliers to complete the development and implementation of the formal products in NielsenIQ BigData, and assist to complete demo design and partial development of other business requirements within the team.


  • Participate in the design and development of both demos and formal products in NielsenIQ BigData, including for other related products during the upgrading process
  • Work with internal technical team, develop and implement BigData products through working and supervising technical suppliers 
  • Operate and maintain production environment and codes
  • Participate in other programs within the team, and provide technical review towards technology suppliers


Curiosity drives your interest in what moves the market. You find potential in percentages. Managing time and deadlines comes naturally to you. You’re known for your impeccable organization. Connecting with clients matters to you, and that motivates you to sift through data for a new angle. You can identify the narratives behind numbers, and you’re always looking for what’s next. 


  • Bachelor degree or above; computer science-related major
  • Proficient in Scala and Java, 3 year or above experience in Scala+Spark development
  • Must be proficient in SQL and Shell
  • Experience of Hbase,LBS or Mlib related is preferable
  • Strong ability on solving multi-work items
  • Experience of cross-team communication
  • Good organizing and planning skills