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At Nielsen, a Shared Service Center (SSC) Banking Associate is responsible for performing Day to day capturing of Bank movements, upload in the SAP Tool and clear the matched line items after posting made by the AR and AP Team. Banking team will identify and clear the unreconciled entries and do necessary follow ups in order to clear the bank open items. Also, performing Bank reconciliations, under the umbrella of the Operational Controller.

● Perform MT940 Bank Statements download from the bank website with accuracy and
● Follow up with Operational Controllers for Local Manual Bank Statements and record
the movements in SAP.
● Uploading the MT940 Bank Statements into SAP.
● Follow up with O2C and P2P Team to get the Customer Receipts and Vendor
Payments applied in SAP.
● Follow up with Respective EFS Operational Controllers and other payment / receipt
initiators and clear the Bank Open Items.
● To identify the unreconciled entries, investigate and post the entries based on the
booking details provided by the EFS Controllers.
● Day to day comparison of Closing Bank Balance in SAP Vs Bank Statement.
● Daily posting of entries such as Internal Bank Transfers, Bank Charges, Interest
(Receipts and Payments), other equity movements.
● Follow up with EFS Controllers for the entries posted in Cash in Transit account to
move to the appropriate GL Account.
● Investigate Cash Pool accounts on day to day basis and post entries if there is any
● Preparation of netting movements report for all Intra regional Entities once the Netting
settlement initiated.
● Preparation of Bank Open Items Reports and circulate to all the appropriate
stakeholders to clear the open items.
● Follow up with EFS Controllers by initiating call to clear Bank Open Items.
● Preparation of GL Account extension/unblock forms.
● PCR (Process Change Request) to be created, followed up with SAP Team for
● Configuration of MT 940 setup for New Bank Accounts.
● Supporting of Internal / External Audit requests.
● Supporting of EFS Controllers for any Adhoc Reports.
● Maintenance of Bank Master Data for all Bank Accounts.
● Maintain internal process documentation to reflect the most up-to-date ways of work
● using the most recent Nielsen toolset (Google, etc.). Ensure standard operating
procedures are operationalized and consistent in both content and format with
expectations laid out by Global Financial Controlling.
● Maintain an appropriate system configuration and IT environment to ensure effective
and efficient execution of Banking Process.
● Daily Preparation of Bank Open Items, Cash in Transit Report for speedy Month close.
● Handling of Adhoc queries from internal stakeholders (P2P, O2C and IC COE Team).
● Performing of all bank reconciliations in the GRT Tool after month close as per the
corporate guidelines (7 corporate criteria).

A successful Banking Associate will have good control over his Banking operations, good
coordination with all relevant stakeholders. S/he should be accurate and timely execution of all Banking deliverables. S/he should ensure there is no Open Item not only in Bank but also in Cash in Transit at the month end.

● Bachelor’s degree in Accounting
● 1 – 3 years of experience in accounting of a multinational company.
● Experience with ERP systems (SAP module is a plus)
● Working knowledge of accounting concepts under U.S. GAAP and preferably with
● IFRS/Local GAAP and SOX compliance
● Strong knowledge of personal computers and applications (including Google)
● Excellent analytical skills
● Demonstrated attention to detail and accuracy while meeting strict deadline
● Effectively manage time and priorities and work efficiently
● Self-motivated and the ability to work effectively in a team environment
● Proven interpersonal and communication skills
● Proven problem solving skills with demonstrated ability to take action in solving issues
● Strong customer service orientation: need good listening and communication skills

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