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Job Description

At Nielsen, a Collector performs the collection process in order to ensure payment of invoices according to the policies and procedures in Nielsen. Collecting accounts receivable allowing its operation in terms of Nielsen cash flow


  • Responsible for monitoring and maintaining assigned accounts- Customer calls, and any correspondence , customer reconciliations in order to follow-up collection in a fast paced goal oriented
  • Define in conjunction with I2C Manager and Revenue Controller collection target according to the process
  • Monitor and record customer account details for non payments, delayed payments and other irregularities (disputes)
  • Identify overdue portfolio to avoid possible contingencies in the recovery of resources based on the policy of procedures established in Nielsen
  • Scale with Revenue Controller and CS to determine actions in conjunction with the commercial area to recover past-due portfolio resources based on internal Nielsen process
  • Request and support re-invoicing according with client's specifications, follow-up with revenue associate and provide any clarification
  • Providing customer service regarding collection issues, process and review account adjustments, resolve client disputes and short payments
  • Accountable for reducing delinquency for assigned accounts
  • Perform other assigned tasks and duties necessary to support the Accounts Receivable Department
  • Dispatch invoices to the client, could be by mail, mailing or portal sites
  • Must communicate & follow up effectively with Client Service / Revenue Controllers regarding commercial disputes resolutions and additional actions to accelerate the collection process
  • Establish and maintain effective and cooperative working relationships with Revenue Associates to accelerate actions financial disputes resolution
  • Support Cash Applications team on invoicing reconciliation, payments identifications

A successful Collector will ensure all basic key performance indicators pertaining to Account Receivables align, Collection target fulfilment, average time on disputes resolution and DBO are achieved for the respective market. S/he will have built a successful working relationship with Revenue Associates and Revenue Controllers.


  • Degree in Finance or Accounting preferred
  • Fluency in English and local language mandatory; third regional language preferred
  • Experience working in multinational, multi-cultural environment
  • Experience working with remote counterparts
  • Experience working in Collections

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