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Job Description


The role is accountable for guiding field auditors for better data collection & data quality. This would involve exception handling, the anticipation of the reasons for such exceptions, and providing real-time solutions based on intelligence.


  • Manage Field Auditors and provide basic tech support
  • Interpret information from multiple sources – alerts, QMS, PSRO and correlate data from QCT to QMS reports
  • Use mapping functions, review alerts, chat online, review dashboards & guide teams on the ground to improve their data collection
  • Possess strong analytical skills, be responsible for providing inputs to upgrade the system & make recommendations for a better quality of alerts
  • Display a positive, can-do attitude at all times & offer assistance to others on the team in a non-threatening, positive manner
  • Share learnings with the other team members during important team meetings
  • Proactively identify market/store trends
  • Ensure the number of alerts for auditors remain under the defined threshold
  • Identify training needs for continuous improvement in understanding process
  • Share important instructions and ensure compliance


You’re looking for a career with room to grow and the training that’ll set you up for success. A people person by nature, you embrace others–quirks and all. You’re ready to break ground on what’s next. 


  • College degree
  • Effective Communication: Adopt a troubleshooting approach including probing & listening;
  • anticipating and providing solutions to auditors in the field
  • Influencing & persuading: Use appropriate interpersonal styles and methods to coach and guide auditors toward a better quality of data capture
  • Personal Effectiveness: Individual's maturity in relation to others and to work which enables the effectiveness of the individual while dealing with pressures and difficulties of dynamic work environment
  • Practical Intelligence: Individual's work to come to an understanding of a situation, task, problem, opportunity (Street Smart)
  • Digital Acumen: Understanding of Calibration tools (Google, MS Office, Skype, Chat s/w)