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Client Service & Sales

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Job Description

Nielsen is building talent pipelines to meet future hiring demand. This is a pipeline role, while there is not an immediate opening, we want to build relationships with prospective candidates like you. If your background is a match to our requirements, we’ll follow up with the exploratory conversation.

Job Role

This position serves a crucial role in supporting researchers and ensuring that logistic works for Qualitative projects run smoothly and professionally under our fast pace business. He or she is expected to take an active role in planning and manage time to be able to support a number of logistic works from different projects that mostly come at the same time with minimal mistakes in a timely manner.

Job Description

Interviewer Training & Management:

● Ensure all staff reporting to this position understand the Nielsen Code of Conduct and Field Standards and Policies, including confidentiality and security requirements

● Initiate the request for recruitment, train, supervise and motivate Interviewers to ensure Nielsen’s data collection needs are fully met

● Conduct fieldwork as per Nielsen Standards and documented processes and procedures

● Execute resource allocation at the project level

● Monitor quality and productivity of Interviewers (e.g., contact status, Data Quality Analysis, etc.), provide feedback, and document all performance and disciplinary issues

● Perform Validation Checks on interviewers work and accompanied/observed a sample of their Change of Authority: CI & Operations Excellence Team 2 interviews

● Provide deserved recognition and ongoing performance feedback to Interviewers to improve their morale and motivation, and encourage continuous improvement

Field Management:

● Liaise with Client Service regarding queries, feedback, and changes to ensure all projects are conducted within the agreed specifications, budget, and timeframe. Report issues to Field Manager

● Ensure field interviewing is scheduled to 1) start and finish on time, 2) meet the dispatch schedules, and 3) be carried out within the standard hours of interviewing

● Confirm that all personnel assigned to a project, including Interviewers, are fully briefed in terms of the project questionnaire, methodology, and timelines

● Willing to travel island-wide to provide guidance and fieldwork shadowing to the field surveyors

● Perform required Quality Validations (e.g., Interview Monitoring, Recontacts, Data Quality Analysis, etc.) and follow-up on any necessary actions; this may require Interviewer re-training, which should be fully documented and their future work monitored

● Perform a thorough investigation into any discrepancies identified by Independent Quality Control (IQC) team; share findings with IQC team, and take appropriate and timely action(s)

● Where necessary, increase Interviewer Monitoring when experiencing high error or refusal rates, low telephone rates, or for Interviewers identified by the Client Service/IQC team as needing additional monitoring

● Perform weekly reviews of Interviewer statistics/productivity and take appropriate action(s) as needed

● Conduct CAPI/CATI program checks ensuring programming is to specification and display is acceptable to the field; for CAPI, ensure a register is maintained of all devices assigned to field personnel, including Interviewers

● Provide daily, or as agreed-upon, progress updates to Client Service outlining interview/ quota completions; monitor and report on ‘target vs. actual’ numbers with reasons for any variances

● Accurately maintain all required project documentation to fully support field processes and requirements per the Nielsen SOP

● Ensure timesheets, claims and expenses are verified, authorized, and submitted for processing

● Communicate the following to the Field Manager in a timely and objective manner:

○ Concerns regarding training and/or project requirements

○ Validation-related queries/issues of concern

○ Work-related incidents, including security incidents

Curiosity drives your interest in what moves the market. A proven commercial leader, who can build and execute sales strategy and plan, and be accountable to sales operations, such as forecast and pipeline management. A proven people leader, who is passionate about developing and growing talent, who has a track record of building morale and high engagement among their team members. A team player, who has the ability to collaborate with peers, and contribute to the management team of Nielsen Thailand.


  • Experience in supervising staff or leading a team
  • Solid understanding of the interview process, preferably in market research, and familiarity with commonly used terminology and jargon
  • Strong communication and “people skills”; able to effectively problem solve and diffuse potential conflicts
  • Organized with strong time management skills; proactive and able to meet deadlines and follow-up on action items
  • Detail-oriented, both in receiving and giving instructions, and in monitoring fieldwork
  • Good command of English and local language(s) (verbal and written)
  • Interviewer recruitment capabilities (where applicable)
  • Computer literacy and accurate keyboard skills