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Job Description

To engage and identify new growth opportunities, as well as developing new clients relationship; and manage marketing research studies, to meet design specifications, and to build NielsenIQ BASES’ business by preparing and reviewing modeling outputs, reports, and presentations, while fostering positive client relationships.

  • To assist the senior member to identify a new business opportunity in the industry
  • Prepares client proposals and study designs and estimates costs of projects, with supervision
  • Constructs and implements the analytical plan
  • Develop study design, questionnaires, and discuss analytical plans with the modeling team
  • Monitors changes in job costs and communicates cost changes to client, as needed
  • Run market simulations, analyze study data and provides report conclusions and recommendations, with minimal supervision
  • Prepares and presents study results to clients
  • Consults with clients regarding research designs and general study concerns
  • Supervises direct reports by answering questions, providing constructive and consistent feedback, and conducting performance appraisals in a timely manner

Curiosity drives your interest in what moves the market. You find potential in percentages. Managing time and deadlines comes naturally to you. You’re known for your impeccable organization. Connecting with clients matters to you, and that motivates you to sift through data for a new angle. You can identify the narratives behind numbers, and you’re always looking for what’s next.


  • Bachelor’s Degree in the related field
  • Minimum of 3 years of working experience in marketing research or related field
  • Experience with NielsenIQ BASES’ services and forecasting models is preferred
  • Good client service skills and able to communicate and write effectively in English and Japanese
  • Knowledge of Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint
  • Knowledge of statistics, research techniques, and experimental procedures