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Mid-Senior Level


Job Description


The NISP (Nielsen Integrated Services Platform) Delivery Manager is accountable for the communication with the experts and escalation of issues for both FTD (First Time Delivery) and BAU (Business as Usual) projects. He / She is managing several team leaders and ensuring the team is reaching excellence against our SLAs to our clients and 100% say do ratio on all new projects.  

The Delivery Manager responsibilities are:

1. FTD ownership:  ○ Handle the communication with different experts ○ First point of contact for severity 1 issues in Set up environment ○ Escalate the major issues to different project teams. 
2. BAU PROCESSES: ○ First point of contact for severity 1 issues & escalation in the BAU environment ○ Work with the BAU production manager to solve the major issues faced and communicate them to the Leadership. 
3. COMMUNICATION: ○ Alignment with NISP Team Leads and SME to deliver ONE message to FTD/BAU Production managers ○ Coordinating with NISP Support team, NISP Team Leads, SME and GCLs on high severity issues. ○ Is the voice for the GTC leadership team whenever needed 
4. TRACKING/PROGRESS: ○ Understand SLA metrics /BAU Needs ○ Improve KPIs, Work on improving the D+ deliveries. 
5. MANAGING RESOURCES: ○ Secure the resources needed to deliver new set up project or big redesign (Set up environment) ○ Secure the resources needed for change requests implementation in BAU  (BAU environment). ○ Ability to work on Succession and back up planning for key resources  ○ Proper workload management looking priority  ○ Effectively able drive training program & resolution of employee issues and queries 

The Manager works in a very close relationship with the Team leads and GTC/NISP Leadership to secure the resources needed for the set up / change request implementation of the GTC project and, in case of issues, to be able to escalate and communicate to the Leadership. 
The role holder will work across all areas of NISP operations and requires excellent end to end production knowledge, as well as strong business acumen. 

QUALIFICATIONS (Mark each with E = essential and P = preferred) 
● Strong communication skills and the ability to communicate requirements clearly to           stakeholders within and outside of the GSC Production team – ability to translate             technical details as required for different types of audience (E)

● Common business language knowledge (English): speaking and writing with fluency

● Problem solving, ability to understand and analyse data (E)

● Ability to train and to explain technical elements to different stakeholders (E)

● Ability to monitor activities (E), good understanding of KPIs (E)

● Process driven – ability to define and refine processes to ensure continual improvement in quality and on time delivery (E)

● Proven organisational skills (E)

● Presentation skills (P)

● E2E Knowledge of GTC processes (P), understanding data flow / Production process for GSC products (P)

● Process improvement methodologies (E)

● Project management skills – ability to accurately scope project requirements, manage  stakeholder expectation.(E)

● People management skills (E) 
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