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Job Description

Nielsen is building talent pipelines to meet future hiring demand. This is a pipeline role, while there is not an immediate opening, we want to build relationships with prospective candidates like you. If your background is a match to our requirements, we’ll follow up with the exploratory conversation.

About the Job

The Research Project Management (RPM) team is looking for highly motivated Project Management executive who will be able to reinforce and grow our Project Management team by taking up the challenge and responsibility for delivering project. 

The Project Management Executive is responsible for the provision of all project management deliverables and support in the planning, preparation, execution and customer support process .

He/She will work in close collaboration with the Client Service (CS) and Global Business Support (GBS) team. He/She will start involve in people management and as a stretch task, engagement with senior management level. 


For any CI projects, the E/SE will involve in the following phases:  

  • Set up  
  • Fieldwork  
  • Data Preparation 

The functions of the job for each phase include: 

Set up:  

  • Plan and organize schedules/resources for various projects from local as well as any Nielsen counterpart, which include booking of GBS/ Translation/ Online vendor resources and reconciling translation/ Online vendor invoices  
  • Facilitate discussion with CS/GBS/ Online vendor to ensure smooth project execution  
  • Provide support on questionnaire reviewing (including translation if applicable)/ link checking to ensure all inputs are accurate and complete  
  • Provide support on fieldwork briefings (with CS presence) for and coordinate with Data Acquisition & External Suppliers to clarify project specifications and potential problems/issues  
  • Preparation of fieldwork materials including Showcard, Field Brief Note (FBN), Client stimulus, etc. 


  • Conduct fieldwork observation as and when required/necessary  
  • Monitor fieldwork progress and provides regular and timely updates to CS  
  • Be proactive in alerting CS/GBS/Vendor for any potential red-flags and seek solutions  
  • Coordinate with CS/GBS/ Vendor to clarify project related problems/issues in order to ensure that instructions are carried out correctly  
  • Prepare and make any corrections (if required) on the raw data (ie. data submitted by Field or Vendor) prior to submit to GO for processing 

Data Preparation in consultation with CS:  

  • Prepare a meaningful and comprehensive codeframe for all open-ended questions and other relevant verbatim  Seek resources for any verbatim translation (if required)  
  • Prepare standard tabulation specs (with standard header), and submit to GO/CRDC for processing. (CS will be responsible for any additional or special analysis tab specs including any analysis requirement from MSci)  
  • Prepare standard charting template using the right Nielsen template or Client’s template; based on the required analysis plan, and submit to Charting team for the charting process (CS will be responsible for any additional or special charting)

Overall project management:  

  • Able to handle or manage more complex projects  
  • Ensure assigned projects/tasks are completed timely and with high level of accuracy and quality  
  • Ensure assigned projects/tasks are completed within the allocated time and budget  
  • Maintain and update documentation pertaining to project to ensure that project information is correct and complete  
  • Participate in regular review/revisions of systems and procedures with the end goal of improving productivity and cost efficiency in the department  
  • Provide regular feedback on the operation concerns and issues, including supplier management and evaluation  
  • Provide on-the-job training and on-going coaching/ guidance to the junior executives on handling various projects  
  • Perform other related functions that may be assigned




  • Bachelor’s degree or equivalent experience
  • Minimum 1- 2 years of experience in Market Research Industry, preferably Customized Research, in Client Servicing, Project Management, or Operational role  
  • Versatile in handling people of different personality types under all circumstances  
  • Eagerness to contribute in a team-oriented environment  
  • Excellent communication (written and oral) and interpersonal skills  
  • Good at time-management and detail orientation  
  • Strong command in English both written and oral. 
  • Conversant in Malay or/and Mandarin would be an added advantage  
  • Have good knowledge in Microsoft Office applications e.g., Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint