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Entry Level


Job Description


About this Job:
To assist with report development and modification activities as per the client requirements by closely liaising with the Report Liaison/ On-shore stakeholders. 


  • Manages  Report Development and Change Management  activities for assigned countries / Clients.

  • Identifies opportunities to stabilize, simplify and automate the deliverables.

  • Performs in adherence to Nielsen/GRC quality performance, takes corrective action when required and provides RCA to Team Leader

  • Maintains successful and positive partnerships between country touch points:  Report Liaison, Client Liaison and Client Service 

  • Ensures customer requirements are understood, achievable and leading to sustainable BAU operations.

  • Implements best practice identified by other Report Center teams : Governance, Setup & Delivery, Report Liaison.

Typical Position Pre-requisites:

  • Graduate/ Post Graduate with subjects like Statistics, Economics, Mathematics etc. 

  • Good working knowledge of Advanced excel, Macros and Tableau. 

  • Basic understanding of R, Python can be helpful, but not mandatory. 

  • Willingness to work in evening shifts 

  • Understanding of Market Research is preferred. 

  • Strong Analytical, Consultative and Customer Service skills

  • Effective oral and written communication skills


Values and Behaviors:


  • Engages in simplifying processes or key work activities
  • Translates strategy and objectives to easily understood, actionable messages for associates
  • Conducts internal and external business dealings with straightforward approach
  • Ensures communication to stakeholders  is clear and succinct


  • Builds collaborative relationships within and across teams and services.
  • Works for the success of the team and balances their own needs within the larger organization
  • Integrates resources across the company to deliver “one Nielsen” to clients 


  • Creates a climate of engagement and sharing within and across the organization.
  • Focuses on providing the best solutions to clients and/or end-users, regardless of the source.
  • Implement best practices, ideas and solutions from outside their own area.


Candidates must have strong problem-solving skills, be self-directed and capable of working with minimal supervision.