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#: 743999722535528 / REF531G



Job Description

This role is responsible for managing all aspects of auditor work assignment, routes to use and allocation of time to work in specific activities.


  • Secures compliance of the business rules, market rules, resources rules and establishments rules in the preparation of the work plans
  • Coordinates with other IO CoEs and departments the provisions of all the inputs to execute this work as well as on-time delivery of the working plans
  • Aligns and coordinates with IO CoE functional teams and other business units that all inputs and processes are received and executed respectively according to timelines
  • Analyzes the plans to make recommendations for improvement and efficiencies as well as can execute plans for forecasting future needs and possible changes
  • Tracks plans for non-compliance to understand causes and when corresponds to adapt adjust plans
  • Ensures all the work is completely planned complete in the time requested by the activity business
  • Complies with security levels and data protection protocols.
  • Communicates when UI issues appear that do not allow the processes to continue properly and give follow up to them by raising tickets until solution is applied
  • Defines/Creates/Maintains clusters which are the ´logistics´areas that allocates stores and auditors, looking for lower costs with maximum operational efficiency

You’re looking for a career with room to grow and the training that’ll set you up for success. You have excellent analytical skills with attention to detail. You also possess the ability to adapt to changes in real-time, make critical decisions and ensure plans are going per schedule. Most importantly, you are good in problem-solving, and able to stay calm under pressure to look for solutions to unexpected
problems quickly. You will also have good judgment when it comes to making an important decision, and able to understand the potential costs and benefits of the choice at hand. You have got excellent communication skills and you are ready to break ground on what’s next.


  • Bachelor/ Master Degree from all backgrounds
  • Ability to work independently with excellent project and time management skills
  • Open to change, a strong sense of critical thinking, good logical thinking, and problem-solving skill
  • Business English knowledge, both verbal and written
  • Extremely strong organizational skill and analytical skill