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Infrastructure Team Lead


What the team does


The Infrastructure team is at the forefront of technology, using new technologies and going forward all the time. Our current stack includes React, Redux, ES6, Webpack, NodeJS, K8S, RethinkDB, Elasticsearch, and many more.


Working with a microservices, multi-application architecture with development teams all over the world, develop and maintain a shared frontend & backend infrastructure for multiple apps.


In our group, there is a strong emphasis on quality (Clean code, best practices, design and architecture, test coverage, CI/CD) and on continuous learning (empowerment programs, lunch and learn, technical forums, meetup hostings).


We have very strong people in our group and that are passionate about technology and push to be up to date with the latest technologies and paradigms. The group is charged with finding, examining, and introducing new technologies to the rest of the company.


We also use and contribute to open-source projects.


What will you do


  • Lead a team of highly-talented full-stack developers to build the world-class infrastructure and framework for SAAS product Nielsen Media applications, using cutting-edge technologies
  • Research, investigate, and drive new technologies and approaches across the Nielsen media organization
  • Work closely with product owners and UX leads to manage the team’s backlog and tasks requirements and definitions
  • Lead the design and implementation of the core features
  • Hands-on development
  • Mentoring and technical leadership of senior engineers in the group.
  • Be the key player of the group innovations




  • At least 3 years of experience as a Team Leader
  • At least 6 years of experience as a Full Stack Software Developer
  • Excellent knowledge and experience with JavaScript both on client-side and Node.js
  • Experience working with Single Page Application frameworks and tools, such as React (an advantage), Angular, Vue.js, Webpack, Redux, RX.js, etc.
  • Experience working with microservice architecture. Serverless and microfrontends – an advantage
  • Eager to learn new technologies and approaches, contribute to open-source, and constantly move the team forward
  • Deep understanding of how the web ecosystem is working: browser internals, networking, performance, etc.
  • Deep knowledge of main software design concepts: OOP, SOLID, functional programming, async programming
  • Extensive experience of working with SQL and NoSQL databases: MySQL, PostgreSQL, Mongo, RethinkDB, DynamoDB, etc.
  • Deep understanding of DevOps concepts: CI/CD, automatic testing, high availability, scalability, containerization
  • Experience in building infrastructure and development platforms/frameworks – an advantage
  • High standards for design and code quality, testing, performance
  • A leader and a team player with strong people skills


What we offer you


Here at Nielsen, you can enjoy startup spirit with the benefits of a big company.


Our organization prides itself on being a place where employees can be themselves, make a difference, and grow their careers within the company (Both local and at the global level). By joining us, we can guarantee you'll have the opportunity to partner with great and professional people and be part of a company that embraces flexibility and freedom.