things you must know about hong kong online shoppers

things you must know about hong kong online shoppers


The line between browsing and buying online and offline in Hong Kong is blurring as technology enables nearly everything to become a digital touch point for consumers. Following the success of e-commerce boom in China, Hong Kong retailers are also keen to leverage the “online shopping fever” these years, and some e-tailers have started organizing similar Online Shopping Festivals in Hong Kong. But the real question is: what are the consumer perceptions toward these shopping events?

Based on our recent study, here are some highlights you ought to know about Hong Kong e-shoppers:

Lesson 1: Know Your Consumers

Generally speaking, 88% of Hong Kong consumers shopped online in the past 12 months. The young generation (aged below 30) are all active e-shoppers, while one-third of the e-shoppers in Hong Kong purchased online within one week.

Lesson 2: Know Your Point of Sales

Over 80% consumer shop online through desktop computers, while two-out-of-five online shoppers choose their smartphone for e-shopping.

Lesson 3: Know Your Product Strategies

The top three most popular categories for e-shoppers are clothing, travel package/ air tickets/ hotels, and restaurant coupons.

E-commerce is quickly becoming crucial to growth because creating a relevant, integrated and engaging shopping experience means winning offline as well.

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