The auto industry is on the cusp of massive, exciting change. With rapid technological innovation, consumers—and car culture—are transforming. In this increasingly complex environment, it’s never been more important to know your consumers and what drives their decisions when it comes to the vehicles in their lives—from initial interest to final purchase and ultimately re-purchase.

To help you navigate the new challenges in today’s auto industry, we’ve developed a unique framework to help you identify and connect with the people who matter most in markets large and small around world. With this insight, you can bolster sales growth. How? We can help you optimize your product development, create effective marketing, make your distribution more efficient, and develop financial services and after sales programs that best serve your customers no matter where they’re located.





More than ever, meeting or exceeding consumer expectations hinges on understanding them. But there’s more to recognizing your best customers than just seeing them at the dealership. From the earliest stages of development, we’ll help you identify your most valuable consumers so you can develop new products or services that appeal to their stated and unstated needs, virtually ensuring success at the point of sale. And with our key insights into what consumers are watching, reading and listening, you can reach them more effectively.

Once we’ve identified who your most valuable consumers are, we’ll help you deliver the right offering, at the right time, to the right consumers. With a 360 degree view into consumers’ choices, you can grow your business more confidently than ever before.

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Uncover Untapped

We can help you reveal profitable pockets where consumer needs aren’t being met—sometimes before buyers can even express them! Then we can assist you in capitalizing on this unrealized demand.

Activate Consumer Segments

By linking historical auto buying behavior, psychographics, demographics, shopping behaviors, media consumption and more with your internal data, as well as many other data sources, we can help you build powerful insights on your best segments. Rather than relying on broad in-market or category groups, these insights will allow you to reach audiences linked to your specific needs.

Purchase Conversion

Measuring your consumer segments on their journey to buy a vehicle will allow you to uncover opportunities and identify pain points. This knowledge will help you improve your performance throughout customers’ path to purchase, see where you stand against competition and find out how each segment approaches the buying process.



Not every innovation succeeds, but understanding what your most profitable consumers really think about your vehicle concepts and designs can help you greatly increase your odds. With key insights into what consumers’ desire, you can create and sell more of what they want.

We can help you get actionable consumer feedback, so you can develop hot cars that jump off the lots. And our innovation approach identifies not only what consumers say they need, but also those they haven’t yet articulated so you can capture untapped opportunities.

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Know What Consumers Like

Our brains react to the world around us in a matter of milliseconds. Before we are able to express ourselves verbally, the thoughts, opinions and emotions that drive behavior have already been formulated deep within our subconscious. Our proprietary technology, which applies neuroscience techniques to traditional market research, can help you develop vehicle concepts by measuring innate reactions to the nuances of new products and ideas, such as shape, features and benefits. We can test exterior and interior car designs to understand how they appeal to consumers as individual car elements or as fully developed products at car clinics.


Marketing Effectiveness

Did you know 15-30 percent of all marketing dollars around the globe are wasted because the messages don’t reach the right consumer or resonate? Our unique perspective into what consumers watch and buy helps you prioritize your advertising spend, create effective and efficient marketing plans, and reach the right audience—on the right device at the right time. We work with you, your agencies and your partners to determine the best strategy to reach your most valuable consumers, ensure your creative resonates with them, highlight your ads’ most effective parts, and ultimately maximize your return on investment (ROI).

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Reach Your Audience

Accurately identifying, quantifying and comparing the audience your advertising campaigns engage—across TV, digital and both combined using similar metrics—is essential to understanding the true ROI. We can help you before, as well as during, your advertising campaign to optimize your reach and ensure the ads are resonating and drive the outcomes you need.

Meet Your
Brand Goals

Our comprehensive set of solutions helps you understand where your ad campaign tactics are meeting your brand goals—and where they’re falling short—so you can optimize your campaigns while they’re in motion. We provide real-time brand lift metrics for your ads, including awareness, attitudes, favorability, intent, preference, memorability and breakthrough. We measure virtually all advertising from TV to digital so you can measure across platform, benchmark against your competition and course correct as needed to reach your sales goals.

Optimize your Marketing Spend

Whether you’re looking to optimize your marketing spend in one market or all of them, we have experience in every region of the globe. Our marketing mix solutions measure the efficiency and ROI for virtually every type of marketing spend around the globe. 


Performance Management

The best indication of your performance is what’s happening on the ground when consumers look to make a purchase. We can help you understand what they think of your company, how your marketing is resonating, what other vehicles they’re exploring, which trends are emerging and how all of this will translate into sales for your business. We are uniquely positioned to help you connect the dots between consumer insights, innovation, marketing and sales, ensuring that a thorough understanding of consumer demand is threaded through everything that you do.

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Enhance Your Customer Experience

Keep your customer satisfied. A good shopping experience can make shoppers more loyal and maximize your revenue. Our comprehensive consumer touch point enhancement tools can help you improve customer relationships, so you can achieve your short- and long-term goals.

Know how Auto Shoppers Behave

Auto customers’ lower funnel activities provide a strong indication of how you’ll perform. Using our shopper behavior measurement solutions, you can understand and swiftly respond to changing consumer and market dynamics in order to profit from these trends.