Retail Measurement


Measuring what consumers buy is at the core of Nielsen. We monitor shopper behavior for more than 250,000 households in 25 countries through our industry-leading consumer panel.

Nielsen also offers a unique set of tools that examine key business trends by product, category or market using retailer scanner-based sales and causal information gathered weekly from tens of thousands of retail outlets. This information enables you to identify the “why” as well as the “what” behind changes in product sales for fine-tuned marketing strategies.


To ensure projectable results, Nielsen Consumer Panels are carefully balanced for the demographic characteristics of the universe being measured.

Our point-of-sale (POS) technology for our retail measurement services captures sales and price data from virtually every major retail chain. For others, we use the industry’s leading sample-based methodology. Where electronic data is not available, we use detailed field audits.

Nielsen Catalina Solutions can help you match the right audience with the right media by leveraging purchase data from the world’s largest frequent-shopper database – more than 60 million households.


Nielsen is uniquely positioned to deliver local and global insights into consumer behavior and product sales across categories in nearly 100 countries. Nielsen’s powerful combination of deep data and insights arms clients with actionable intelligence for their business planning. Our tools provide clients with timely, flexible analytics, presenting a holistic view of the marketplace.