The Future of Snacking

The Future of Snacking

Our changing lifestyles continuously influence the way we eat. Today, more than ever, we eat what we want, when we want. Although, three square meals a day has been the standard pattern for decades this traditional view of eating has eroded over the years.

The introduction of food-to-go, meal replacements, and the myriad of social trends that come and go all influence the way we think about food consumption. Snacking has become increasingly important as busy lifestyles drive our desire for more convenient and quick ways to satisfy our food consumption needs.

In this third, and final report in our Power of Snacking series, we explore the key areas that are set to make the biggest impact on the future of snacking:

  • In store space
  • Technology
  • Channels
  • Own label

Catch up with the rest of the Power of Snacking series: we explored shopper trends in Welcome to the Snacking Revolution and snacking behaviours in How Well Do You Know Your Snacker?


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The Future of Snacking

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