Campus Track 2016: E-Commerce Is The Pick Of The Lot

E-commerce tops the chart for the most preferred sector for employment among B-school students graduating in 2016. See what attitudes and perceptions students across the top 35 MBA colleges in India hold, in relation to career preferences and potential recruiters.

Breaking The Menstruation Taboo

In the hinterlands of India, menstruation is a subject best swept under the rug. The social stigma and age-old unfounded myths ensure that adolescent girls and women have little knowledge of the actual facts of menstruation, and negligible awareness of menstrual hygiene. See how communication can...

From Manual Transmission To Automatics: Is India Ready?

The number of automatic cars sold in India has jumped from less than a lakh in 2013 to about 165,000 last year, and is expected to hit half a million by 2020. Take a look at the potential automatic car buyer and how the segment is gearing-up for growth.

The Lasting Effects Of Childhood Bullying

Most people are inclined to shrug off instances of childhood bullying as a mildly annoying fact of life. However, studies are increasingly showing that the phenomenon is more serious than it initially seems. Children who bully, or are victims of bullying, are more likely to accept and perpetrate...

The Facts Of Life: Generational Views About How We Live

Our outlook on life is often shared with others who have similar traits—and age is no exception. But many of today’s consumers are bucking yesterday’s preconceived generational notions. In fact, many older people are embracing a more technology-driven world, and sizeable numbers of younger...

Global Generational Lifestyles

Depending on our age, our approach to something as simple as getting up-to-date news or eating out can be drastically different. But today’s consumers are bucking yesterday’s preconceived generational notions.