The ‘3C Framework’ For Effective Marketing

Advertising creativity versus advertising effectiveness has been the perennial contest for brand marketers. In the world of marketing, creativity needs to convert into sales, but do brands succeed in making their advertising campaigns as effective as they should be?

What It Takes To Create Breakthrough Success

Marketers are constantly on the look-out for avenues that can drive exponential business growth and lead to success in the marketplace. Innovation, rather the creation of breakthrough innovation, may well be that winning formula.

Four Steps To Acing Sales Strategy In India

In a scenario where brands are keen to be prudent with spends, rationalizing distribution and sales strategy are imperative to maximize performance of brands in the last mile to the consumer. In an effort to break down this formidable task into actionable steps, we have evolved a four-step guide to...

Marketing Effectively To The ‘Super Consumer’

Market segmentation is all set to change with the advent of the ‘super consumer’. Traditional marketing too will undergo an overhaul and change the way brands approach marketing as we crack the code of identifying the most profitable and engaged consumer, thereby promising better marketing...

2013 India Consumer 360: Stand Out

In a cluttered world with an ever-increasing expanse of choice, brands that stand out are the ones that win.Find out how some of the smartest marketing minds move mountains using unique consumer insight and unmatched foresight.

Uncommon India

The Indian consumer is unique in every way. It is this uniqueness that makes it indispensable for organisations to understand and analyse consumers, their habits and beliefs. Making a mark in this highly competitive market is not easy and therefore, we take a closer look at the uncommon features of...