Esports, Jump In or Miss the Mark

The esports industry is growing quickly, with new leagues, teams and distribution channels. And this growth is attracting new high-profile esports investment from brands, media organizations and traditional sports rightsholders.

Driving Social Change and Awareness Through Para-Sports

In addition to representing their countries and competing for medals, para-sports athletes participating in the Rio 2016 Paralympic Games this month will be challenging stereotypes, increasing inclusion and breaking down social barriers—something these competitors have been doing since the first...

Video on Demand

Nearly two-thirds of global respondents (65%) in a Nielsen online survey in 61 countries say they watch some form of VOD programming, which includes long- and short-form content.

Super Viewers: Powering The Desi Digital Revolution

From making bank payments and paying insurance premiums to watching videos and television shows, more and more Indians are moving from traditional methods to wholly online processes. In this context, there exists a niche set of consumers who are heavy internet users with a corresponding high level...

Oscars Score Over Filmfares

The Oscars 2015 created more online buzz in India than the Filmfares 2015 across public domain blogs and social media platforms.

U.S. Entertainment Consumer Report

According to the U.S. Entertainment Consumer Report, there is a strong correlation between income and entertainment spending. In fact, big earners seem to take an if you got it, spend it mentality when it comes to entertainment escapism.