Super Investors: India’s New Wealth Generators

Given that financial needs and reasons for investing are changing, financial institutions are beginning to understand that a ‘one-size fits all’ approach no longer applies. What works for a regular investor may not appeal to the heavy investor who is more engaged with the product. Find out how...

Uncommon Sense: India's Slow and Steady Plan for Growth

Any multinational looking for solid growth should be taking a hard look at India. In 2015, India’s economy will grow faster than China’s for the first time in 16 years. In fact, the IMF forecasts India’s GDP growth to expand by 7.5% this year and next.

Building The Mutual Fund Market In India

Increasing personal wealth is gradually changing the way Indians handle their money. They are steadily increasing their appetite for saving and investing. Mutual funds have never been on the Indian investor's radar but that too is changing thanks to efforts to step up financial literacy. However,...

Understanding The Health Insurance Market

A significant increase in lifestyle diseases and cost concerns surrounding health care is attracting a large number of consumers to consider health insurance policies. Moreover, the slowing economic growth of the country has prompted many to look for policies that cushion them against financial...

Loans: What’s The Bottom Line For Consumers?

Loans are increasingly turning out to be the bridges that link consumers with the products of their choice. Given the easy availability of finance, nothing seems out of reach for urban consumers today. But like in any other product, several influences are at play before the consumer chooses a loan.