FMCG Industry to grow 12-13% in Q4 FY19

Nearly 80% of the value growth clocked by FMCG industry in the Q3 quarter was volume driven (13.4%). Rural markets continued to grow faster (20%) in the quarter; urban India also had a good run with 14.5% value growth.

What Handsets Say About Consumers

Smartphones in India have benefited from the rise of inexpensive high-speed 4G internet. Affordable data has also paved the way for affordable handsets. The price band of a smartphone now reveals much about the consumer purchasing it, thereby enabling businesses in devising strategies for better...

Wealthy Single Urbanites Go Premium

Single urban consumers are shaping market dynamics because they are digitally forward and have a greater disposable income than other consumer groups. These super consumers are early adopters, making them influencers.

Tallying The Net Promoter Score

The Net Promoter Score (NPS) is a customer satisfaction assessment tool that’s gained considerable attention. It identifies whether a customer would actively recommend a brand, making it a tool that can gauge if a product will do well through customer loyalty. The popular tool comes with its pros...

Path to Wholesome Growth

There are about 10 million FMCG retail stores across formats in India today. Of these, companies reach only about two million directly, making manufacturers largely dependent on indirect wholesale distribution.

A Broader Spectrum

The telecom sector has had a tumultuous couple of years. High debts in the industry triggered a spate of M&As, a disruptive new player entered the market and revenues plummeted in the short term. This nudged telecom service providers into pursuing innovative survival and growth strategies, leading...

Payments Banks - Unbanked India's Banking Solution

The cash shortage following the demonetisation drive of 2016 also helped nudge the unbanked towards the formal economy and the adoption of digital financial transactions. This issue of Featured Insights analyses rural India’s increasing comfort with digital transactions, and the resultant growth...

Planning The Route To Growth in Rural Markets

The most difficult questions facing growing businesses today include the identification of high potential markets for distribution. What is making the effort increasingly complex is the changing dynamics of people, lifestyles, aspirations and location; not to mention the costs involved in covering...

The Changing Face of Beauty

In these times, when every waking moment is potentially shareable on social media, beauty does seem to be skin deep. The desire to constantly look well-groomed is expanding the beauty market, beyond the conventional boundaries of age, gender, geography and town class.