Nielsen TV: Second Screen Use Is a Boon For TV Advertisers

Second-screen usage is the latest way consumers engage with television content. According to the latest Nielsen data, 75 percent of smartphone and tablet users are engaging with second screen content more than once a month as they watch TV. And about half of those people are engaged with second...

The Cross-Platform Report: A Look Across Screens

In the spectrum of evolving media, nothing is growing faster than the adoption of portable devices and the consumption of content on these devices. At the same time, traditional TV remains vibrant and continues to thrive.

August 2012 Top U.S. Online Video Sites

In August 2012, 164 million Americans watched online video. They spent about seven hours of the month viewing content, streaming more than 27 billion videos.  YouTube was the top online video destination, with more than four out of five of the total viewers streaming videos from their site....