Uncommon India

Uncommon India

The Indian consumer is unique in every way. It is this uniqueness that makes it indispensable for organisations to understand and analyse consumers, their habits and beliefs. Making a mark in this highly competitive market is not easy and therefore, we take a closer look at the uncommon features of the typical Indian consumer in the rural and urban context.

Our efforts have been focused on identifying these uncommon features and helping organisations design their strategies effectively. Innovation is another aspect of the evolutionary process which we have concentrated on.

In a nutshell, the evolution of consumer insights and analytics industry can be summarised through two main aspects – listening and foresighting. Nielsen has brought in brand new technologies and new insights into the measurement space to simplify and enhance these processes.

Nielsen’s annual Consumer 360 event is the coming together of some of the best minds in business and research, to look at new and emerging aspects of the industry. The sessions act as a knowledge sharing platform and also contribute to the evolution of the consumer insights industry as a whole.


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Uncommon India

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