2013 India Consumer 360: Stand Out

2013 India Consumer 360: Stand Out

In a cluttered world with an ever-increasing expanse of choice, brands that stand out are the ones that win. There’s a maze of options in front of consumers, and navigating them toward your brand isn’t easy. That’s why standing out is now core to your survival and success – whether it be to position your brand, communicate its benefits or shape your portfolio.

Find out how some of the smartest marketing minds move mountains using unique consumer insight and unmatched foresight through the following sessions:

  • Breakthrough Innovation: What Makes The Cut?
  • The Number Games: From Big Data to Smart Data
  • From Understanding to Outstanding: What Makes India Buy?
  • ‘Revving’ Up Your Marketing Mix
  • How Companies Stand Out?

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2013 India Consumer 360: Stand Out

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