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FMCG the most preferred sector for B-School students


E-Commerce, Financial Institutions and Indian Banks seen as the ‘Industries of the Future’

HUL tops as most preferred recruiter, Accenture, Google, Infosys also in top five

The Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) sector has once again been voted by B-school students of the Class of 2012 as the most coveted sector for employment, with HUL topping the list of employers of choice, according to the 12th round of Campus Track, a survey of B-schools survey conducted by Nielsen, a leading global provider of insights and analytics around what consumers watch and buy.

According to this year’s survey conducted by Nielsen, the FMCG sector (36%) topped student’s choices, followed by management consulting (29%) and then IT consultancy / services (20%) and investment banks (20%). The IT sector, especially IT services and IT products make a comeback on the list of most preferred sectors for employment. Some of the other mentions were foreign banks (18%), Indian banks (17%), IT product & development (17%), financial institutions (16%), retailing (14%) and business conglomerates (13%).

“With the FMCG growth in the country being driven by consumption, the sector continues to find favour with students who see it as a sector with huge growth potential. Interestingly, this year we see that the IT sector seems to have found favour with students, even higher than the popular financial sector and banks. The healthy performance of the IT sector over the last few quarters seems to have had a positive impact on the students who once again are interested in the sector”, says Dinesh Kapoor, Executive Director, Nielsen.

Growth Potential

According to the survey, students felt that FMCG (25%), E-Commerce (22%), Management Consulting (19%), Financial Institutions (19%) and the Indian Bank (17%) were amongst the sectors with high growth potential.  The other sectors that students identified as having potential were entertainment / media, Investment bank and Foreign Banks (all with 15%).

“With increasing internet penetration in the country, students see potential in sectors like ecommerce.  Financial institutions have been a favourite with students from B schools and that trend stays, but interestingly this year even nationalized banks find favour within the B school student fraternity”, says Kapoor.

Most Preferred Recruiter

Based on the CRI (Campus Recruiter Index) developed by Nielsen, HUL tops the list of most preferred recruiter, followed Google, Aditya Birla Group, Accenture and McKinsey & Co.  While four IT giants – Accenture, Google, Infosys and Microsoft feature in the top 10 list of recruiters, the two consulting giants like McKinsey & Co. and BCG and the two FMCG giants HUL and P&G continue to be in the top 10 list. The significant movers of this track, who have climbed up into the Top 10 set are ABG (3rd) , Infosys (6th) and CITI Group (9th). In fact the retail banks like ICICI Bank, HSBC Bank and Axis Bank have been significant gainers in this track.

For the third year running, Hindustan Unilever Ltd (HUL) tops the list of ‘Dream Companies’ followed by P&G and McKinsey & Co. Another FMCG company, ITC, also makes into the Top 10 list of ‘Dream Companies’.  HUL’s popularity as a recruiter is clear from the fact that it emerges as the ‘Best in Class’ across most of the employment parameters. ABG though leads in one of the parameter – Cross-functional mobility.

Realistic Expectations

The average salary expectations from a ‘Dream Company’ amongst the class of 2012 remained steady as compared to the last year (Rs.16 lakhs per annum). The salary expectations from a foreign company continues to remain almost double than that from an Indian company.

The 2011 survey stated that the top five dimensions students considered when it comes to seeking employment namely, high degree of independence at work, salary package, learning on the job, growth prospects and standing of the company in the market respectively.