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Advent of Me-Tailing and how India’s shoppers are now buying online

By: Adrian Terron, Executive Director, Retailer & Shopper, Nielsen India

Deals, discounts, convenience and easy comparison make e-commerce a viable alternative for shoppers.

  • A quarter of urban online consumers intend to purchase food and beverage via an internet-enabled device
  • Over half of Indian online consumers look for deals online
  • Mobile phones & accessories tops purchase intent for online consumers 

Marketers who often bemoan the paltry penetration of internet in India relative to its total population will need to quickly revisit their assumptions and suspicion of change. Armed with the knowledge that every mega-trend often begins as a faint glimmer on the consumption landscape, a few brands and retailers are getting out ahead to capture the spending power and imagination of India’s online consumer. 

Typically urban and above average in affluence, India’s digital shopper isn’t just regarding e-commerce as an alternative channel, she is recreating and reshaping her lifestyle in the intangible but infinitely engaging e-tailing stratosphere. No longer shackled to a shopping cart or arduous traffic snarls, e-commerce in India is now becoming the desirable fusion of product, service, content, commentary and conversation meshed together within the browser window of her connected device. 

A new study on India’s online shopper from Nielsen, reveals that half of the country’s online respondents have expressed an intent to purchase a mobile phone and accessories while a quarter (25%) expressed an intent to purchase food & beverage via a connected device such as a mobile phone, personal computer or a tablet over the next three to six months.

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