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  • Agility is key for marketers amid the convergence of brand and acquisition

    Navigating change isn’t easy, yet change remains front and center for marketers seeking the best strategies and channels to engage with consumers. Agility has never been more important, and adaptability remains a top attribute for marketers as channels broaden and the lines between our linear and digital worlds converge. To establish and maintain meaningful relationships…

  • Build trust to build trial: Trustworthy channels can help

    A lasting effect of digitization and the pandemic has been the proliferation of consumer choice.  From being able to purchase cars and furniture online, to the pandemic’s effect of pushing more shopping into infinite virtual shelves, consumers are facing more options.  That vast choice and supply chain strain have affected brand loyalty to some degree,…

  • A tale of two teams – and their fans

    The word fan comes from the word fanatic, meaning an enthusiastic devotee, usually as a spectator. And on Sunday, February 13, there will be inspiring moments both on the field and on screen—for fans around the globe to experience.  Not surprisingly, the NFL is the most popular sports league among Americans; 92 of the top…