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{“order”:0,”name”:”leadership_profile”,”attributes”:{“text”:”<h3>CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER</h3>n<p>David L. Calhoun is Chief Executive Officer of Nielsen. He was appointed to this role in August 2006.</p>n<p>Prior to joining Nielsen, David served as Vice Chairman of The General Electric Co. and President and Chief Executive Officer of GE Infrastructure, the largest of six GE business units. Under Davidu2019s leadership, this business annually contributed more than $47 billion in revenues and $9 billion in profits to the company, driven by a team of over 120,000 employees around the world.</p>n<p>During his 26-year career with General Electric, David served as President and Chief Executive Officer of multiple business units, including GE Lighting, GE Employers Reinsurance Co., GE Aircraft Engines, GE Transportation (Aircraft and Rail) and ultimately GE Infrastructure. </p>n<p>Earlier in his career at General Electric, David held a wide range of operating, finance, and marketing roles across the corporate team as well as within GE Plastics and GE Capital. David joined GE after graduating from Virginia Tech in 1979.</p>n<p>David is the co-author of a book with Rick Kash titled <a href=”https://www.howcompanieswin.com/”>How Companies Win</a>. He also sits on the Board of Directors of The Boeing Company and Caterpillar, and is a member of Virginia Techu2019s Pamplin Advisory Council, which advises the university on student and alumni issues.</p>n<p> </p>n”,”jcr:mixinTypes”:”[cq:LiveRelationship]”,”cq:lastRolledout”:”{Date}2019-02-21T11:42:16.532-05:00″,”cq:lastRolledoutBy”:”bishgr01″,”sling:resourceType”:”nielsenglobal/components/content/generic/leadership-profile”},”children”:[{“order”:0,”name”:”image”,”attributes”:{“fileReference”:”/content/dam/nielsenglobal/us/images/about-us/leadership/leadership_Dave_Calhoun_157x178.jpg”,”imageRotate”:”0″,”jcr:lastModified”:”{Date}2019-02-21T11:42:16.535-05:00″,”jcr:lastModifiedBy”:”admin”,”jcr:mixinTypes”:”[cq:LiveRelationship]”,”jcr:primaryType”:”nt:unstructured”,”cq:lastRolledout”:”{Date}2019-02-21T11:42:16.536-05:00″,”cq:lastRolledoutBy”:”bishgr01″,”sling:resourceType”:”foundation/components/image”},”children”:null}]}

Chief Product and Technology Officer, Nielsen Global Connect

요한 타볼리에리는 닐슨 글로벌 커넥트의 Chief Product and Technology Officer로,  2019년 1 월에 공식 임명되었습니다.

요한은 닐슨의  CTO (Chief Technology and Operations Officer)이자 미국 전체 FMCG 및 소매 유통팀을 이끄는 대표직을 수행하며 그 역량을 입증해보였습니다. 또한, 서유럽 지역의 닐슨 커머셜팀을 총괄하며 16개 국가에서 커머셜 클라이언트의 비즈니스 성장과 가치 창출을 위해 기여한 바 있습니다.  

요한은 1992년 닐슨 캐나다 커머셜 클라이언트 리더로 시작하여, 닐슨 캐나다 내의 모든 소매유통 서비스를 담당하는 부사장직까지 역임하였습니다. 2003 년부터 2007 년까지는 닐슨을 떠나, 캐나다 최대 식품유통업체인 로블로우사(Loblaw Companies Limited)에서 선임 이사직을 수행하였고, 2007년에는 유럽 지역 최고 마케팅 책임자(Chief Marketing Officer)자와 베네룩스 그룹 매니징 디렉터(Group Managing Director) 로 재직하였습니다.

요한은 캐나다 워터루대학교(University of Waterloo)에서 Mathematics학위를 취득했으며, 캐나다와 이탈리아 국적을 보유하고 있습니다.