Webinar: What’s Next Starts Now!

Presenter:Regan Leggett, Executive Director, Thoughts Leadership & Foresight, Nielsen and Nicole Corbett, Director, Thought Leadership (Growth Markets), Nielsen
Location: 12:30pm (Yangon)
1pm (Jakarta/Bangkok/Hanoi)
2pm (Beijing/Kuala Lumpur/Manila/Singapore)
3pm (Tokyo/Seoul)
5pm (Sydney)
7pm (Auckland)

Duration: One hour

Cost: Complimentary

Event hashtag: #whatsnextstartsnow

The pace of change is accelerating as many organisations struggle to envisage what their future operating environment will look like in the next 5 to 10 years. Drivers of change can come from anywhere, from legislative to demographic to technological disruptors. But it is up to organisations to start future-focused conversations on how these drivers will impact their business and the retail and consumer landscape they operate in.

Join Regan and Nicole as they share their views on how organisations can progress these conversations, how certain drivers of change will play out, what it will mean for your business and what tools you can leverage to ‘test the waters’ of your future operating environment.

Webinar highlights include: 

  • Understanding how drivers of change guide mid to long-term horizon planning
  • Using drivers of change as an input to develop strategic direction
  • Showcasing how future tools can be used to ‘litmus test’ tomorrow’s business environment

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